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Silent Hill 2 Remake is Still in Development, Developer Confirms

Silent Hill 2

The developers behind the Silent Hill 2 Remake are still working on it. This confirmation came after a fan asked a question regarding the status of the game on Twitter/X. While the developers at Bloober Team confirmed that the remake is still being worked on, no further information has been released. As such, you shouldn’t expect any information regarding the release date yet.

The Silent Hill 2 Remake is a project currently helmed by Bloober Team. The project has proven to be quite controversial in the gaming community due to the history of the developers and their previously released work. Regardless, this is one of many Silent Hill-related projects currently worked on by various studios under Konami’s wing.

Since the announcement of a Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team could have been taken as a bad joke by some Bloober Team detractors, a fan asked the team if the project was still in development while making this remark. The developer answered the question with a GIF of Jack Sparrow. This GIF has the character saying that rumors regarding the project’s cancelation are untrue.

Another fan took to the social network to ask a more tactful question to Bloober Team. The fan asked when it would be appropriate to expect more news regarding the remake of the horror classic. Bloober Team answered that such announcements are up for Konami rather than them. This is pretty much a reiteration of their statement earlier this year.

The remake is still proving to be quite a controversial piece of work. While not much is known regarding the remake, you can be sure that we’ll keep in touch with news about it. So, make sure to stay tuned here for more news regarding the Silent Hill 2 remake and other games in the gaming space.