Phoodle Answer: July 18, 2024

 If you’re like us and are a foodie as well as a gamer, chances are you’ll love Phoodle! The latest in a seemingly never-ending line of Wordle clones, Phoodle combines the simple-yet-classic gameplay of Josh Wardle’s original daily puzzle game with a plethora of culinary combinations! With potential solutions including dishes, cooking techniques, kitchen gadgets, ingredients, and more, it’s certainly not as easy as it appears, and chances are you may need a little bit of help deciphering today’s Phoodle answer. Don’t worry, as always, our team of word game enthusiasts are here to help!

Find out today’s Phoodle answer as well as a bit of background about the game and tips and tricks to get you well on your way to solving the puzzles for yourself!

Phoodle Answer for Today: July 18, 2024

Today’s Phoodle answer is Rinds.

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December 19: Bread

December 18: Spike

What is Phoodle?

As the name probably suggests, Phoodle is a spinoff to the New York Times’ Wordle daily guessing game. With gameplay reminiscent of both Wheel of Fortune and Mastermind, players must guess the food-related five-letter word in six guesses or fewer.

Upon entering an incorrect guess, users will receive visual clues about how close their entry was to the correct answer. For instance, correct letters in the correct space will be coloured green, correct letters but in the wrong place will be coloured orange, and letters that don’t feature in the answer at all will be coloured grey.

Phoodle was created in 2022, and now allows users to register an account to track and share their progress and win-loss record (similar to Wordle’s streaks) with friends.

The game also features fun ‘Phoodle facts’, which provide a little bit of additional insight into the answer of the day.

Phoodle fact

How to Play Phoodle: Tips & Tricks

Playing Phoodle is as simple as using the on-screen keyboard to enter your guess. Make sure you consider a broad range of international cuisine as well as kitchen utensils and cooking gizmos! Culinary knowledge aside, strategies you might also use for Wordle itself should pay dividends here. Consider the most common letters, such as T, R, E, and try to use all of your vowels in your initial guesses to hopefully take out some of the board early on.

Letters that have already been used will be shaded in dark grey, making life a little easier in narrowing down your selections. And remember: a ‘bad’ word is better than not having a word at all – even if it’s not food-related, it may help unveil additional clues.

Phoodle keyboard

Food not really your thing? Why not consider naming that tune with Heardle series, with classic songs from decades such as the 10s, 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s, or 60s.