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What Mini-Games Do We Want to See in Red Dead Redemption 3?

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While most Red Dead Redemption 3 speculation surrounds its potential release date and setting, we like to dig a little deeper here at Power Up Gaming. Activities and themed mini-games have been a popular and ever-present distraction in the Western-themed series – often providing a bit of lighthearted relief from the intense events of the main narrative.

The series has seen diverse side missions, from five finger fillet to arm wrestling and safe cracking. So, with a wealth of new and existing potential activities to select from, which mini-games do we most want to see in RDR3?

1. Blackjack

The classic casino table game has been featured in both main series entries to date. Simple but effective, blackjack has proved to be a good way to test the wits of our respective protagonists. All while potentially earning some extra cash, too. For a quick refresher on the rules, Betiton’s guide on how to play online blackjack should make for helpful reading.

RDR2 Blackjack

Blackjack would seem to be a shoo-in for inclusion in RDR3, and you’ll find no complaints here. Perhaps we’ll even see the inclusion of advanced strategies and for more nefarious players, card counting?

2. Liar’s Dice

Despite being name-checked by John Marston in Red Dead Redemption 2, Liar’s Dice was one activity from RDR that didn’t return for the sequel, which was all the worse off because of it. The ultimate game of deception, bluffing and bidding, Liar’s Dice was one of our favourite mini-games in the original, and we hope it finds its way back into the series soon.

An exploit allowing you to make easy cash notwithstanding, we loved the dynamics of this activity, with each additional opponent adding a layer of complexity to your betting strategy.

3. Checkers

While a fully realised chess-based activity might be overkill within the Red Dead universe, that checkers surely could work well thematically in the wild west. If dominoes can appear with as many iterations as it has done to date, surely there’s a place for checkers. More elaborate boards and prizes could be awarded, depending on the respective wealth of the gaming location in question.

4. Fight Clubs

While it may be a bit cliché in the gaming world at this point, underground fighting contests could feel right at home in the Red Dead universe. The Saints Row and Watch Dogs franchises have both seen fairly entertaining versions of fight club in their respective series in recent years.

However, previous attempts at pugilism would surely pale in comparison to our outlaws slugging it out for pride and honour (and no doubt, money or favours) in close quarters?

5. Horseshoes

A classic target game, horseshoes was another RDR1 favourite that failed to return in the sequel. Everyone who has played ring toss at the fairground loved this Western take – surely it must return in Red Dead Redemption 3?


Ultimately, time will tell what Rockstar has up their sleeve in terms of RDR3’s mini-games. Of course, we could do with some concrete news on its possible release window first…