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How to Unlock Pictomancer in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Pictomancer

Dawntrail has brought with it two new classes for players to experiment with in Final Fantasy XIV. The new painter mage, the Pictomancer, and the twin sword menace, the Viper. Both of these classes are highly sought after by most of the player base since they are new and exciting, however unlocking them can be a bit confusing. Let’s go over how to unlock the Pictomancer in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to Unlock The Pictomancer in Final Fantasy XIV

Like every other class in Final Fantasy XIV, you will unlock the Pictomancer by picking up a blue icon quest. While you might think that you can find this quest in the new starting area for Dawntrail, you actually find it in one of the starting cities for Final Fantasy XIV. Venture back to New Gridania.

Once in New Gridania, you will want to either use the Aethernet or walk over to the Conjurers’ Guild in Old Gridania. Just outside of the gate to the guild, you should see the Pictomancer quest giver. You will need a level 80 class in order to accept the quest.

The quest to unlock the class is quite simple, just go around Gridania and watch a Moogle interact with people in order to receive inspiration. Once you observe the Moogle, you can go back to the Pictomance outside the guild and turn in the quest.

You will receive the Pictomancer job stone which gives you the class at level 80 as well as a full set of gear to use with the class. While the job has it’s own unique weapon in the form of a brush, it does share equipment with the other magical caster classes. So you don’t need to worry about filling up your armory chests with more junk.

If this is your first time picking up a magical casting class, you can get a decent set of on-level gear by visiting Radz-at-Han and trading in some of your Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. The gear will be more than enough to level with and you can find upgrades along the way.