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How to Unlock Viper in Final Fantasy XIV

Viper class - Dawntrail

With the release of FFXIV Dawntrail, there were a bunch of changes that players have been learning to work with but none are more impactful than the newly released classes. Viper is the new melee DPS that was released alongside Pictomancer and it seems like it is going to be a class that every player will want to unlock.

Not only does the class feature useful damage buffs for themselves but Viper can also play debuffs on bosses that increase the damage the Viper does to it. Combine that with the flashy moves that are sure to make you feel cool and you have a class that is highly sought after. Let’s go over how you can get the Viper job for yourself in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to Find the Viper Quest in Final Fantasy XIV

Like many other jobs, Viper is locked behind a short quest that you will need to complete. In order to even accept the quest you will need a combat job that is at least level 80. Once you do, you will want to make your way over to Ul’Dah. Just outside of the room you spawn in, you will be able to find a Worried Weaver, at X:9.3; Y:9.2, with a blue quest. The weaver wants you to go investigate the suspicious person that is standing outside of the Weaver’s Guild.  You can take the Aethernet crystals to the Weaver’s Guild if you have it unlocked or walk there. Outside of the guild, you should see the suspicious person.


This person is the Viper you have been searching for. The rest of the quest has you simply meeting him and talking with him in various locations across Thanalan. Once you finish the quest, you will be given a full set of level 80 gear for Viper alongside the job. This does mean that if you want to use Viper for Dawntrail you will need to get 10 levels one way or another.

While there are plenty of other Melee DPS classes to choose from, Viper is probably the flashiest job that we have received in Final Fantasy XIV to date. It also features a unique fighting style with your basic combo ending in one of four different moves. Each move provides a buff for a different finishing move. Forcing you to rotate through your various combos in order to deal the most damage possible. If you have any interest in picking up a melee DPS to use, Viper might be a good fit for you.