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Soulframe Discord Link

Soulframe is best known by fans of Warframe as developer Digital Extreme’s next undertaking. Instead of the robotic ninjas that Warframe revolves around, Soulframe looks to cater more towards sword and sorcery fans. Of course, that robotic vibe is still very present. While players look forward to hearing more about the game’s release, they can convene on its official Discord server. The server is home to so much information about the game that fans should jump in now to get the most out of it before launch. Let’s look at the Discord link and what you can learn from the server.

What is the Soulframe Discord Link?

Click here to reach the official Soulframe Discord server!

Before diving in, it is recommended that players open the link in a new tab by holding the Ctrl button on their keyboard. This allows them to keep this page open and peruse the website’s library of Trello guides, Discord links, and code lists for other games. Currently, players can peruse various games like Second Piece and Project Baki 3 Trello pages as well as the A One Piece Game and Blade Ball code lists.

What is on the Soulframe Discord?

Soulframe Discord Link

The Soulframe Discord server currently hosts channels for excited fans to talk with one another. There is also a channel for developers and moderators to post screenshots of the development in progress and gameplay. This will likely change in the coming months as more information about the game is released. In fact, more information should be available during the first Soulframe Devstream at TennoCon 2024 on July 20.

More Soulframe Links

Of course, there are more links fans of Soulframe can enjoy. Check out the following:

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