Watch Dogs 2 Launches November 15th – Set In San Francisco

Details for Watch Dogs 2 have been made public thanks to a Ubisoft announcement trailer, released several days before their E3 press conference.

Confirming rumours that leaked out before the announcement, the official release date is November 15th 2016. Watch Dogs 2 will also be set in San Francisco this time around, as opposed to Chicago like the first game. The game will feature a new protagonist named Marcus Holloway. As well as being a proficient hacker, Marcus will also be a skilled practitioner of parkour, making him more nimble than Aiden Pearce from the first game.

One of the most drastic changes is the lack of ctOS towers in Watch Dogs 2. Confirmed on the PlayStation Blog, the whole map will be unlocked from the very beginning, although Ubisoft still promises that the map will be packed “with a lot of content and there will always be something for you to do or see in this massive world.”

The original Watch Dogs was release on May 27th 2014, where it broke Ubisoft’s records for first day sales, and went on to ship over 10 million copies by the year end. It also became the biggest game launch for a new IP in the United Kingdom. With such impressive sale figures, the announcement of a sequel hardly comes as a surprise.

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