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The Walking Dead Marches to War on iOS and Android Next Year

The Walking Dead: March to War

Disruptor Beam, the developers best known for Star Trek Timelines, announced today that it has partnered with Skybound Entertainment to create a new mobile entry in the ever-expanding The Walking Dead franchise from prolific creator Robert Kirkman.

Titled The Walking Dead: March to War, the game has been described as a “story-driven multiplayer strategy game” set in Washington D.C, allowing each user to build a camp and fight with and against other players to gather resources and stay alive. In addition to the zombie hordes and bombardment from the pervasive threat of other survivors, players will be faced with “an ongoing series of moral choices” in their attempt to rebuild civilization from the ground up. Success is dependent upon the alliances players form and the enemies they make.

Characters from the comic book series such as Rick, Negan, and Michonne are set to appear as recruitable survivors for your team, which will no doubt excite legacy fans.

Founder & CEO of Disruptor Beam Jon Radoff added:

“The Walking Dead is an iconic franchise and one with million of fans around the world… We very much look forward to continuing our work with Skybound Entertainment to create a similarly authentic and graphically impressive 3D game that truly brings to life the world fans love in The Walking Dead: March to War.”

The Walking Dead: March to War will be free-to-play on the App Store and Google Play in 2017. Players can pre-register for the game at to receive an exclusive in-game Captured Walker when the game launches.

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