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Capcom to Focus More on the Creation of Original IP; ‘Cornerstone’ of Business


Capcom will focus heavily on the creation of new franchises going forward, it has recently announced.

In the company’s annual growth strategy report, prepared by COO and president Haruhiro Tsujimoto, the studio confirmed: “The creation of new IP is the cornerstone of our business, so we must perpetually engage in it.

“If we are unable to continue generating content qualitatively equal to global AAA titles, Capcom has no future as a company specializing in games. In terms of shortening the time required for development, we are engaged in streamlining from a technical standpoint, including the development of our RE ENGINE and innovations in 3D scanning systems, which will enable us to develop major IP on a two and a half year cycle.”

Capcom added that it was continuing to “allocate 20 percent of development investments toward new IP development”.

In the report, Tsujimoto was also questioned on the possibility of reviving some of the studio’s more dormant franchises. He replied: “It’s true at present there are some IPs we certainly have not made the most of. Titles that had large fanbases in the past are powerful assets, thus we are beginning to move toward maximizing usage through region-based testing of individual IP and the release of promising IP remakes and reimagined titles.”

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  • Rafoca

    Really? Where is Deep Down then?