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A Quick Chat With… Indie Developer Scott Cawthon

I recently reached out to developer, publisher, and overseer of nightmare factory Five Nights at Freddy’s Scott Cawthon to ask him the hard hitting game journalist questions (on account of me being a fancy game journalist). He obliged me, so here’s what he had to say. According to Scott there are still secrets to uncover in Freddy’s. So for all of you sleuthing and piecing the story together, keep at it – there’s more to find. I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb also uncovered great secrets – and a curse! Maybe. Probably not. I mean, Carter died 17 years later. That’s a slow-working curse. But I digress.

I also asked Scott about characters and rooms that didn’t make the final cut. “Yes, but they’ll get their time to shine.” Are we to take this as a sign of things to come in the sequel? Or is there still some horror skittering in the shadows that we haven’t stumbled upon yet? Is there, perhaps, some secret room on the premises? Only time (and player snooping) will tell. When asked what his favorite horror game released this year is and what he’s most anticipating to come, Mr. Cawthon responded, “I don’t play horror games; I’m too chicken.” Which is good I guess. He doesn’t need any fresh ideas.

I pressed Scott to enlighten me on some objective truths to his game: how much of the story is up to the player’s interpretation and how much is canon? Unfortunately for us Scott had no comment. He did say, however, that he enjoyed reading all of the player theories and hypotheses. Mr. Cawthon has also revealed that he’ll be making a sequel to Five Nights at Freddy’s (Five Nights at Freddy’s Two: This Time It’s Personal?) and I had to ask: will we be revisiting Freddy’s old stomping grounds or will we find ourselves somewhere new? Will the gameplay mechanics change or remain the same? Again, no comment. I just have one request: no clowns.

Fortunately Mr. Cawthon did have one piece of advice for new players struggling with the difficulty and stress of Five Nights at Freddy’s, and that is simply to get some sleep… if you can.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is available where digital games can be downloaded for 4.99 USD. I reviewed Five Nights favourably, awarding it an eight out of ten for its unique, stressful, paranoia-inducing take on the horror genre (not because Freddy is holding me against my will. Honest.).

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  • miner42

    hi scott

  • miner42

    thank you for releasing fnaf 1,2 and 3

  • miner42

    im a fan

  • sean

    scott i love your games and i love the new teaser traler.

  • Jonathan

    Scott I have a idea for 3 animatronics jazzy the dog,scamper the lizard and surfer the Penguin can you put them in fnaf 3?

    • Isaacs Mc

      Wow, noob. You think he is that stupid?

  • Jonathan

    I mean fnaf 4 and jazzy the wolf

  • Ic8

    Who caused the bite of 87

    • Isaacs Mc

      Do you really think he will tell us? Think about it…

  • john

    I have a question in fnaf3 it shows the kids souls pass on but my friend I discovered that there where multiple purple guys by looking closely at the minigames in fnaf2 will the souls return or will there be others and will you include the others like foxy (my fav) or interduece new ones

  • john

    in my question I ment about the new ones or old in fnaf4 and will it be in a pizza place or the diner

  • Baden Bodine

    I have 3 questions. 1: Are you a Christian? 2: Will there be a FNAF 4? 3: Is FNAF really based on true story?

    • TheDoctorPoo

      Q1: It is true that he is a Christian, making a handful of Christian games before FNaF or even There is no Pause Button/The Desolate Hope.

    • Isaacs Mc

      1. No one knows 2. Yes! Duh! 3. No, of course not!

  • Aiden Campbell

    When is the movie coming out?

    • Isaacs Mc

      You do know Scott Cawthon has nothing to do with the movie right?

  • nicholas 1222324

    umm i got an odd pic i downloaded the home pic of your page and i got a pic called 4i have no idea how i got it it just came up

  • nicholas 1222324

    this is what i downloaded

  • carljarlskov

    if we ever hear the phone guy real name could his name not be Carl ? i think it will be a good name

  • Faith Farris

    (Somehow I want this to reach Scott, but no matter how hard and how much I don’t know how to get ahold of him, maybe you can help me?!)

    Dear Scott Cawthon,

    I was writing a Fan Fiction of my own about a girl named Miffy that takes the job of the night guard at Freddy Frazbears Pizzeria. She goes there to die cause she thought she was a burden to the world, her friends, and her brother. But when she takes the job she finds so many secrets about the animatronics. She befriends them and they protect her from the evil owner that she finds out he’s the cause of all of this. Miffy also found out he was the one that killed her parents but later on she found out Puppet saved them by giving them half of a robotical body. They all fight the bad guys and win but Miffy and her brother Kat almost die by a stab wound. Puppet saved them by turning them into animatronics like them. The parents take over the pizzeria again and showed the people that they weren’t scary cold blooded killers, and a new chapter was born.
    I was wondering if I could make my Fan Fiction into a real book and publish it??? I’m asking cause I need your permission first. I also wanted to make this into a animation movie too, but I can’t do it without you. Could you help me out?? Its been my dream to publish a book and make a movie. Please get back with me with your answer as soon as you can at Please and thank you. ^_^ =)

    One of your fans,
    Faith M. Farris

    • Gabriel Soliven

      Why there will be no fnaf 5?
      I know a story for fnaf 5 but there will be no fnaf 5.Sooooooooooooooooo Disappointing Scott.By the way,Im from the Republic of the Philippines.Gabby is my nickname.Thank you for the cooperation:)

  • anaisha

    i was wondering that can i continue fnaf

  • Seth Golden

    I am trying every way I can to talk to you. I want to build my real life Freddy Fasbear’s Pizza. And I heard that it is against the law to copy your game without your permission. I need your help.

  • Aiden Smith

    i love five nights at freddys