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TimeSplitters Rewind: First Completed Level Showcased; Multiplayer Detailed

The developers of the Crytek-approved Timesplitters Rewind have today unveiled the first fully complete level to be featured in the game, while also confirming some details on the title’s multiplayer options.

Earlier, the team behind the fan HD remake posted a video showcasing their final version of Compound, a stage that appeared in both the original TimeSplitters and its sequel. The trailer, which you can watch below, demonstrates the rather impressive recreated level next to its TimeSplitters 2 counterpart.

The good news for fans of the tongue-in-cheek FPS franchise doesn’t end there, however, as developer Ibanez told fans on the project’s Facebook page that the team were working to include online and LAN multiplayer as well as splitscreen. He also added that they were “getting close” to a first gameplay reveal.

TimeSplitters Rewind was born after an unsuccessful fan petition to license holders Crytek that urged them to resume development on the shelved TimeSplitters 4. Some of the more technically minded fans of the cult first-person shooter franchise soon decided to begin production on their own game based on the series on their own, and TS Rewind was born. The team were subsequently given the go-ahead from Crytek UK, who also offered up official assets from the three games in the franchise as well as expert help.

TimeSplitters Rewind is a standalone game, built using the CryEngine and encompassing the most popular aspects from all three games in the original series. Although the developmental team are using the original assets as a reference point, they are recreating everything “from the ground up”. It is being developed for PC and PS4, with the developers already receiving the green light for a release on the former.

What do you make of today’s TimeSplitters news? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • TwinspectreGaming101

    can’t wait for a ps4 version

  • anthony

    I would like it if this game was on ps3

  • Anthony Horrocks

    I would like it if this game was on ps3

  • Anthony Horrocks

    I really what them to put it on ps3 I