E3 2015: Bethesda Conference Roundup

Considering that this was Bethesda’s first attempt at an E3 Press Conference, boy did they blow it out of the water. For Fallout fans, Doom fans and Dishonoured fans, this was the show to get psyched about.

Beginning with id Software and the rebooted Doom (just Doom apparently, no pesky numbers to lessen the impact), Bethesda showed off a cathartically violent and gruesomely gory game, with plenty of meaty guns and bloody chainsaws. A re-imagining of the series that laid the foundations for the modern shooter, the new Doom is to have both single and multiplayer modes, and comes with Doom Snapmap, their allegedly easy to use Mod creator. This feature will allow user-created content that can be shared and played instantly on, the company’s new umbrella communication hub. Due out in 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, it definitely looks like a game to watch.

Fans clamouring for something new will be excited by the Beta for Battlecry from Battlecry Studios, which is available now globally (sign up at Billed as ‘team-based action combat’ this is not a FPS, but showcases a diverse range of character classes in free-to-play team warfare.

Arkane Studios, known for the supernatural sneak-and-stab-’em-up Dishonoured, were briefly present to announce Dishonoured 2, a sequel set in the world outside of its predecessor’s Dunwall. Featuring two playable characters, Corvo and a grown-up Emily Kaldwell (the hero and princess from the first game respectively), craftable gadgets and more of the signature steam-punk aesthetic, it looks set to delight in 2016, but for hungry for more right now, the definitive edition, with updated graphics and all DLC included will be available for PS4 and Xbox One in autumn.

Elder Scrolls fans, so recently catered for by the arrival of the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on to consoles, also have something to look forward to with scenes of Orsinium, as well as rideable bears promised by Zenimax Online Studios in a very short segment.

Fans of strategy card games also got a shout out, with the arrival of a free-to-play Elder Scrolls themed title, entitled Elder Scrolls Legends, free to play and coming to PC and iPad.

But lets face it, there was only one title that had the masses gathering. Fallout 4, so recently showcased in an excellent trailer, it was the title everyone had gathered to see, and we were far from disappointed. Showing us the first few glimpses of a pre-apocalypse world, developers Bethesda Game Studios set the scene for the (fully voiced!) lone survivor of vault 111 to explore the city and surrounds of Boston after 200 years of suspended animation. Heavily featuring everyone’s favourite canine companion (who can be commanded to fetch, follow or fight as you see fit), this broken world now features crafting, settlement building and second screen experiences, with a very cool looking and (with a smartphone) functioning pipboy available with the collector’s edition. Also showcased was Fallout Shelter, a free-to-play Sim-like game available now on iPhone, to whet your appetite for the main event that releases (and this got the biggest cheers of the night) on November 10th 2015. This news gives fans a mere handful of months to wait for what looks to be a massive and multilayered game.

All in all, on their first try, Bethesda have pulled of what a conference should be; a presentation that excites fans, showcases developers and makes thousands of prospective consumers click on that pre-order button.

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