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Trivial Gamers Episode 5: Resident Evil Gets Real

After a bit of a break, the Trivial Gamers get back together for the final episode of season one. This time it’s Amber’s turn to tell the group about when Resident Evil 4 got a bit too real, thanks to a chainsaw-wielding potato sack man, a lack of sleep, and some really messed up energy drink/fruit smoothie hybrid.

As always, the rules of Trivial Gamers are simple:

1. Each episode, one person will tell a funny story about video games. It can be personal, nostalgic, current news, or basically anything, as long as it’s funny. The catch is that the story doesn’t even have to be true, and that’s the point.

2. After the story is told, the remaining cast members have to decide whether the story is a genuine article or if it is like building a guided missile system from PS2 processor chips – absolutely ludicrous.

3. Whichever cast members guess correctly get a point, and the ones that get it wrong must hang their heads in shame.

The Trivial Gamers Season One Championship hangs in the balance, with Adam needing just a single point to secure victory.  But with Austin right on his heels, and, with a bit of luck, could bring the season to a deadlock! Who will emerge as the Season One Champion? Watch to find out!

The incredible intro and background music has been generously provided by Mega Ran, a.k.a. Random, and you can check out his official website and his YouTube channel, MegaRanMusic.

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