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Sega Comments on Yakuza 5 Release Date Speculation: Production ‘Wrapping Up Nicely’

Yakuza 5

After a recent SEGA Blog let slip – and promptly removed – the fact that Yakuza 5 was expected to arrive in the West in mid-November, the company has today put out an official statement regarding the speculation.

In a press release, a Sega representative said: “In terms of release date, we don’t have anything concrete, but production is wrapping up nicely and we hope to have a solidified launch date to announce soon.”

In addition to the statement, the company also released a number of new assets, including a plethora of screenshots, as well as descriptions for each of the game’s protagonists.

Yakuza 5 has been an awful long time coming, having originally released for the PS3 in Japan in December 2012. It will be released for the console, presumably via the PSN, in Europe and North America in the near future.

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  • Kamille

    can’t wait to see all the stuff they are removing, changing and censoring.

    • Daredevil

      Nothing, it’s already been stated

  • Cw85x

    I’m so exited Been dying to play this game since it got announced, I don’t even care that it’s digital only I’m just happy to play the game at all, even if sega release it on disk a few months after the digital release I’d buy that as well, but for now that digital download is a day one purchase for me” now all I need is the HD collection, 0, Kiwami and 6 then am one happy yakuza fan.