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Here are More Reasons to Keep Playing Halo 5

In a recent video livestream, 343 Industries teased a look at some brand new DLC for Halo 5: Guardians. Among the extras are new armour and weapon skins, new Arena and Warzone maps, a shipload of new Reqs to use in multiplayer, and a new and improved Forge mode. The update will release later this month. Check out the footage in the video, but be warned: it’s nearly three hours long!

One of the new weapons skins teased in the Cartographer's Gift. There's also a bald eagle one.
One of the new weapons skins teased in the Cartographer’s Gift. There’s also a bald eagle one.

343 Industries also revealed that every day gamers play Halo 5’s Arena and Warzone modes — and win at least one match — they will receive free Req packs. One for winning a Warzone match and one for winning an Arena match. All this extra content will be available as part of the “Cartographer’s Gift” pack. And the best part? Fans won’t have to dish out a single penny for any of it.

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