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Raining Blobs Review – Adorable Anime Tetris

Raining Blobs does essentially one thing: combine cute Anime girls with Tetris. There’s no other motivation there, aside from classic arcade style puzzle play where a sexy lady happens to be winking at you from behind the titular raining blobs.

On first open, the game blares out a happy tune that sounds right out of a classic arcade game. The music throughout the game is kept simple, but energetic and semi-addicting if players survive their rounds long enough. Raining Blobs offers a pretty impressive co-op mode with up to eight players allowed, as well as a tournament mode. With either those choices or a single play, Raining Blobs presents the player with their choice of eight ladies.


Select your date and off you go! Mind you, if you fail to keep the blocks in line, she will get very upset. It’s the perfect disaster date simulator, but with Tetris.

From there, the gameplay is simple. As stated, it is a colorful Tetris clone. Players have to line up specific blocks in various colors without letting them reach the top – basic stuff. Raining Blobs does throw a few surprises at you, angry Anime ladies aside. There will be occasional moments when blocks will fall rapidly in an attempt to mess up the player and any lovingly crafted columns they had been working on.

Fortunately, the controls are extremely tight and responsive with both the keyboard and controller. So long as players do not get overwhelmed, Raining Blobs will play fair (for the time being).

Tournament mode is an absolute blast. Getting a group together to battle their ladies together sounds wrong, but it is a ton of fun. Raining Blobs effectively works well on both a single player perspective as well as a co-op. There are also some unlockables in the game, so be watchful.


Raining Blobs is a simple game with appealing art, music and gameplay. For the odd reason of mixing Tetris and Anime ladies, it manages to be charming, innocent and a great deal of fun in either of its modes. It is an odd little experiment done correctly.

Like dating an adorable Anime lass while also playing rapid-fire Tetris

In essence, Raining Blobs is an anime inspired Tetris clone with bouncy music, colorful art and delightfully fun gameplay.


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