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The PUGcast Podcast: No Man’s Sky Has Eighteen Quintillion Planets

The topics of this week’s podcast are obvious: Spider-Man and U.S. politics. Those, and plenty of other gaming greatness.

No Man’s Sky finally has a release date, and we discuss our impressions of the game at length. We then move on to Square Enix’s predictions for Final Fantasy XV, and how game director Hajime Tabata thinks it might be as good as Final Fantasy VII. The guy has balls for sure.

Scott takes some time to read listener mail, this time from an exclusively male fan base. Thus, this section will be referred to as Listener Male for the next two weeks.

After the ever-sobering Listener Male, the cast talks about the games that we are currently playing, with Scott’s insuppressable giggle fits as a backdrop. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, Unravel, The Division, Life is Strange, and a game about a moth are all on the chopping block this week. And, according to Justin, Rocket League is still great.

Also, Jamaal brought snacks, and ate them loudly, and he didn’t even share.

You can click here to download the podcast, or listen to it below.

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