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The PUGcast Podcast: That’s a Rapp

Your favorite group of very non-super heroes are back for the latest iteration of the PUGcast.

Podcast. This time, we get pretty serious while we discuss JD’s near-death experience, Final Fantasy VII Remake’s episodic releases, and Alison Rapp’s termination from Nintendo. Also, Jamaal spoils Final Fantasy VII for Scott, but really, Scott should have played FFVII a long time ago, so it’s kind of his fault anyways.

Following the heavy subjects, Justin lightens the mood with news about Amiibo dioramas, and then Scott gets carried away with reading our reader mail (or ‘reader male’ or maybe even ‘mail sack’, we’re still debating).

Our discussion about what each of us are currently playing this week revolves around Assassin’s Creed II, Zombi, Red Dead Redemption, Republique, Emily is Away, The Stanley Parable, and the new Doom Beta.

To download the latest podcast, click here, or click below to listen to it right now.

0:00 – Intros, JD’s near-death experience
07:00 – Final Fantasy VII Remake Episodic Releases
25:00 – Alison Rapp
54:00 – Amiibo Diorama Kits
1:01:00 – Reader Mail
1:16:00 – What we’re playing
1:55:00 – Upcoming releases

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