Gran Turismo Sport Release Date Announced, No Beta Yet

Unveiled at a special event in London, Polyphony Digital and Sony have announced the release date for the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport as November 15th 2016.

At the event, a large amount of the game was shown off with an extended trailer, that provided GT fans an opportunity to see the game in action for the first time.

However, developer Kazunori Yamauchi has announced that the upcoming public beta has since been cancelled, stating that the pressures of creating a beta version would have pushed the game into 2017 at the earliest. The beta had previously been announced at last year’s Paris Games Week.

A whole host of details have were also revealed, such as the game’s “scapes” mode. This is essentially a photo mode that allows players to place their cars in over 1000 picturesque landscapes, and export 4K images of their creations.

The game will also fully support PlayStation VR, meaning that players will be able to experience the meticulously detailed interiors of each car in virtual reality. 137 “Super Premium” cars will be available at launch, including a mixture of real and concept cars.


Another aspect of GT Sport involves a larger emphasis on the online portion of the game. Polyphony Digital is promising new online races posted hourly, with official races at weekends called Weekend Finals, which will bring together the highest-rated players in broadcasted events.

Are you excited for Gran Turismo Sport? Do you like the way in which the game is shaping up? Let us know in the comments.

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