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Practicing Glitchcraft: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Symbiosis is the partnership of two separate life forms, whether for mutual survival or for parasitism. In the case of a lazy brown bear and sassy breegull, it serves as a means to defend against overweight ugly witches. Banjo-Kazooie was originally released on Nintendo 64 in 1998 and was popular enough to warrant a sequel, Banjo-Tooie in 2000 on the same platform. Grunty’s Revenge came to the Game Boy Advance in 2003, while a racing spinoff called Banjo Pilot in 2005. Banjo also made an appearance in Diddy Kong Racing, sans Kazooie. The pair ultimately ended up in the hands of Microsoft, who decided all that platforming that everyone loved so much didn’t need to exist anymore, so they created a vehicle-based adventure game called Nuts & Bolts in 2008. A final game in the series, Grunty’s Curse, was sadly cancelled.

"'Ruined the series' is what they say. But if I win, it's all okay." - a fake Grunty quote
“‘Ruined the series’ is what they say. But if I win, it’s all okay.” – a made-up Grunty quote

Due to the creativity-driven nature of Nuts & Bolts, numerous glitches and exploits were discovered, and few could be patched without significantly altering or limiting the game mechanics. The result is the bear and bird taking a page out of Grunty’s spell book and screwing around with the laws of game physics for our amusement.

Getting out of bounds is possible in every world of the game, from Nutty Acres to Spiral Mountain, with the use of a turret and a flying vehicle. Methods may differ, but the general idea is the same. The turret is used to rotate out of bounds while the flyer prevents Banjo from falling into a kill trigger. Unfortunately, the worlds are all separate from each other, so this glitch is largely useless.

Put a large crate in your trolley, stand on top of it, and drag the trolley up towards you in order to fly around Showdown Town. As you’re not aloud to use any other vehicle here, this is the only way to take to the skies, and is very useful for sequence breaking.

As Gruntilda might say, “Many glitches are in this game. QA testing must have been lame.”

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