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Practicing Glitchcraft: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

In 2007, Ubisoft presented fans with a new game utilizing a parkour system, focusing on stealth and assassinations; Assassin’s Creed. Who knew that game would go on to become one of the biggest annualised franchises on the planet? 2009 through 2011 then saw the Ezio trilogy, starting with ACII, before ACIII released in 2012. Each year after saw a main game release, with Black Flag, Unity, and Syndicate respectively. This year, two Chronicles games populate the list. Counting the branch games, the series has seen a total of 17 titles across all platforms, including the Nintendo DS versions. And while Unity holds the dubious infamy of least-liked game, Syndicate holds the not-so-dubious infamy of being our target for glitch assassination. Let’s get right to it.

There are quite a few glitches packed into this video. Drunken cops, invisible men, falling under a moving train (that had to hurt). More invisibility, this time with carriages, lack of hitbox detection, flailing in midair, and enemies refusing to fight back. Floating men are presented before rounding off the invisibility bugs with an absent gun and stupid npcs. Evie appears in need of a sobering-up and has a couple nasty falls before a close call with a wipeout carriage. The home stretch sees npc’s stuck inside a wall, a cop who absolutely will not die, and, finally, Evie falling from a deadly height only to save herself by triggering a cutscene.

That was quite a number, and there are still plenty more out there, some of which are actually useful. Have fun exploiting, and remember: “nothing is true, everything is glitchy.”

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