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Raven Software Confirms Various Fixes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered In the Works

COD MW Remastered

A number of fixes and gameplay tweaks are currently in the works for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, developer Raven Software has confirmed.

Lead designer at Raven Software, Amos Hodge, has taken to Twitter over the past few days in a series of pun-laden tweets to confirm a number of issues that are currently being worked on at the studio.

Firstly, the developer is working to extend the coverage of smoke grenades in the remastered first-person shooter. In the weeks since the MWR’s launch on November 4, fans had taken to social media to complain that smoke grenades failed in their purpose to obscure enemies’ vision, with some describing them as little more than ‘a ball of smoke’. Now, Raven intends on improving their coverage to be more in line with previous games.

Secondly, the developer has accepted user complaints that the game’s footstep sounds are not in line with the original title, and are working on changing them accordingly.

Finally, and most recently, Hodge confirmed reports that flinch is much higher in Modern Warfare Remastered compared to the original, and, ala Raiders of the Lost Ark, that the team had ‘top men’ working on it.

Raven Software has yet to comment on the rumours that additional weapons and supply drops may be coming to the title as DLC in the near future.

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