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Blizzard Planning to Expand Overwatch’s 1vs1 Mode; Support Heroes Might Be Re-Added Soon


Blizzard is planning to expand Overwatch’s recently added 1vs1 mode beyond the current Mystery Duel option, the studio has this week confirmed.

Mystery Duel was added as part of the Arcade Mode in a recent title update to the popular hero shooter, but according to game director Jeff Kaplan, it was “just the first expression of what [Blizzard] want to try in the 1v1 space”, with the developer having “lots of ideas for other 1v1 modes”.

Taking to the official forums, Kaplan added:

“Also, eventually in Custom Game you’ll be able to do a 1v1 with your friends where you can select the hero pool (meaning the available pool of random heroes that Mystery Duel chooses from). This is a feature we’re actively working on right now.”

On a related note, Kaplan explained the reasons behind the current exclusion of support heroes Mercy and Lucio from 1vs1 games, before adding that Blizzard hopes to find a way to reintroduce them in the near future:

“We removed Lucio because the battles (if played a certain way) would always end in a draw. Also, when we buffed Mercy, she ran into a similar situation.

“We have some other ideas to solve these problems that we’re going to try in future iterations. Hopefully, if those changes are successful, we can bring Lucio back.

“Also, we just discovered a bug that causes Ana to almost never show up in a 1v1 match (well, she has shown up twice since we patched). That bug will be fixed soon so you’ll be seeing more of Ana.”

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