The Best Browser Games to Play This Winter


Whilst the likes of Watch Dogs 2 and Overwatch are pretty cool, there are times when some of us just want to play quick games without having to fire up our console.

So here’s a quick look at some of the best web browser games that can see you exploring our planet, negotiating RPG challenges, and even winning big on the slots this winter.

One of the biggest browser games in recent years is the incredible slither.io. Although it’s also a mobile game, it’s great fun to play via a browser as the online mode can see you encountering millions of other snakes as you continue your quest to be the biggest serpent of them all by gobbling up snacks.

Role-playing games have also become big news in browser gaming. One of the better titles is Kingdom of Loathing, which may only have hand-drawn stick figures, but has plenty of surreal humour and open-ended missions to make this one of the more addictive browser titles of recent times.

Kingdom of Loathing

Candy Box 2 has also revealed itself to be one of the better action-adventure RPGs of recent times, which also used ultra-primitive graphics to mask challenging quests and horrendous monsters who aim to foil your plans. And then Little War Game proved to be nothing less than a browser version of Age of Empires which shows you what’s possible with browser games in 2016.

Another game that’s proven to be a real browser favourite in 2016 is the one and only Starburst. It’s one of the many slots games available at Mr Smith Casino, and its bright colours, dazzling gameplay, and big payouts have helped it light up even the darkest of winter nights.

Geo Guesser

One of the more unusual browser games that’s become a big hit is Geoguessr. This innovative game uses Google StreetView to land you in an unknown location and you then have to guess where you are. Sounds impossible, but with some of these tips, it’s helped many of us explore the more obscure parts of our planet.

Many mobile gamers have enjoyed playing Bloons Tower Defense 5, and this is another game that really benefits from being played on a big screen as the bold graphics and amusing animations really come alive in a way that shows just how much fun browser-based gaming has become.

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