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Overwatch Receives New Title Update; PTR Also Patched

Overwatch Tracer

The PC version of Blizzard’s popular team-based shooter Overwatch has today received a new title update – while the public test realm (PTR) version of the game has also been patched.

The November 30 update provides a number of minor bug fixes, including an issue that prevented Ana from being able to be selected in 1v1 matches, a number of Sombra-related glitches, and a bug that allowed Mercy to receive an ultimate charge when buffing a teammate who wasn’t currently damaging an enemy.

On the PTR, meanwhile, Blizzard has fixed an issue that prevented the game’s latest map, Oasis, from loading. Earlier this evening, lead software engineer Bill Warnecke posted the following statement on the official forums, confirming the problem has now been resolved:

“Hey folks, we’ve made a fix for the error starting Oasis and we’ve changed Quick Play back to Oasis only for PTR. We’re going to monitor our fix closely, please let us know if you see additional problems.”

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