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Rocksteady ‘Hard at Work’ on Next Project; No Plans for Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Pro Patch

Rocksteady Studios, the British development team responsible for the Batman: Arkham series, is ‘very hard at work’ on its latest project, it has today confirmed.

The news comes via studio co-founder and creative director Sefton Hill, who took to Reddit earlier today for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session in which he fielded user questions mostly centred on the Arkham franchise.

When pressed on the studio’s next move following the conclusion of the Batman: Arkham series with Arkham Knight and and Arkham VR, he teased fans as to its next move. He said: “We’re very hard at work on our next project but we won’t be releasing the details for a while. When we do you guys will be first to hear as we want to get the community involved heavily in what we do next.”

Later, Hill confirmed that the studio was “not planning” on releasing a patch to provide PS4 Pro enhancements to Batman: Arkham Knight, which released last year. He added: “I know that’s not what you want to hear but better to be honest.”

The developer was also asked if he was satisfied with how Batman: Arkham Knight turned out, whose PC version in particular received a mixed critical reception on launch. He replied:

“I was definitely satisfied. That’s not to say I think it’s perfect as obviously it’s not, but I think we achieved what we set out to do. I appreciate not everyone wanted as much Batmobile for example, but we felt it was important to keep pushing ourselves. I never want us to be in the comfort zone, as that’s the death of creativity.

“I’d much rather we went for what we believe in as I think that’s the way to make something special, that resonates with people. Occasionally you’re going to do things which not everyone loves but that’s much better than boring mediocrity.”

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