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All XBL Gold Subscribers Can Claim Forza 6 for Free via Xbox Turkey

Xbox One users can claim a free copy of Forza Motorsport 6 via an official Xbox Turkey rewards programme, it has today emerged.

To claim their digital download code, users must sign up with their email and gamertag to the Xbox Giving promotion in Turkey, which is run by official distributor Aralgame.

Although the promotion is based in Turkey, users have been reporting success on signing up from countries around the world, with a digital copy being sent to their inbox within 21 days.

To be eligible to receive a copy of the racing sim, users must have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, and been active within the past seven days. It appears that signing up also opts users into receiving promotional emails from Aralgame and Xbox Giving.

The promotion is set to expire on December 31.

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  • Paulo

    Alguém conseguiu ganhar algum código???

  • Ashley Thompson

    Did this work for anyone? I submitted my gamer tag and email but haven’t heard anything, not even a confirmation.