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Darksiders 3 Is Easily the Most Difficult Game in Series

Darksiders 3 is out now and having played the game for a few hours, it is safe to say that this is the most difficult Darksiders game so far. While critics are comparing this to Demon Souls, that is not because it is difficult, it is because it shares some aspect of gameplay as well as core mechanics.

Darksiders 3 takes place in an interconnected world rather than an open world and Gunfire Games has called this a big dungeon. Once you play the game you can see why. The title is divided into different parts that have their own art style and terrain. Killing enemies in each region will give you souls.

Souls are the currency of the game and will let you upgrade Fury, the third horsemen in the Darksiders series and the protagonist in Darksiders 3. Souls can be used to buy items as well. If you die, the souls that you gathered will be lost and you will need to walk back to where you died in ordered to regain them. I am pretty sure that this sounds familiar to you.

Once you die, you will respawn at the last serpent hole that you came across. All the enemies that you killed will also respawn and you will have to go through them again. If you want more souls, you will need to keep fighting. If you want a better weapon you will need to find the right items and then go to Ulthane so that he can craft the weapon for you.

Even though these are some new mechanics, Darksiders 3 still feels like a Darksiders game and I think that this was a great way of showing off Fury as a character. Fury cannot block enemy attacks and can only dodge them. If you time it right, the outcome is graceful but missing the mark can result in massive damage to Fury. It is a high-risk high-reward type of gameplay which lines well with Fury.

Let us know what you think about Darksiders 3. For more news and updates regarding the game, stay tuned.

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  • jerryflowers

    It may be more inspired by Dark Souls but I think Bayonetta is also a good comparison as DS3 has a combo system. BUT dodging doesn’t cancel the attack animation which can be long because you’re trying to use combos unlike Bayonetta. That’s my biggest complaint and what really ramps the difficulty for me. The dodge window also has to be near perfect every time with the right direction, like if an enemy does a jumping-lunge and you dodge backward it’s not far enough and you still get hit. (Technically my solution is get good but I don’t think the mechanics completely complement the was combat is setup.)