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EA Not Shutting Down Bioware, Anthem Getting Some Changes

EA Bioware Anthem

Anthem has not been doing too well in terms of sales and has only sold a fraction of copies compared to other similar online titles such as Destiny 2. People were worried that EA might shut down Bioware because of Anthem but Bioware producer Michael Gamble has confirmed on Twitter that it is not going to be shut down any time soon.

Anthem’s Metacritic scores are around 60 and the user scores are even worse. People tried to get in touch with Bioware in order to learn more about the future of the developer and the following is what Michael Gamble had to say regarding the matter:

Don’t worry about us. We got lots of work to do, but you aren’t the only one who likes anthem.

Bioware has released a roadmap for Anthem but it is not really a very satisfying one. Players will have to wait a long time before they can experience the raid or get new content that is not already part of the game. That is something that might kill Anthem in the long run. Gamble further went on to mention the following to another fan:

Lots of folks are playing Anthem, and we’ve announced our live service plans. Don’t worry about that, we are getting great support.

Anthem is a new IP and it could be fixed over time with the help of feedback. We saw the same thing with The Division when it first came out. Major changes were made and now The Division 2 is around the corner. Bioware will need to act quickly otherwise people will leave the game in favor of other games that offer more content or are free-to-play. Such games include the new battle royale title Apex Legends and Warframe.

Anthem is getting a few changes and the loot is getting better. Now when you reach level 30 common and uncommon weapons will no longer drop for you and the grind for masterworks weapons has been reduced as well. We look forward to more changes that make the game better.

Let us know what you think about Anthem and what your experience has been like so far.

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