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New Research Predicts Big Things for Mobile Gaming in 2019

If you were asked to come up with an old-fashioned stereotype for a gamer, the first thing that would probably spring to mind would be a teenage boy sat in his bedroom with the curtains closed. However, it is fair to say that gaming looks a lot different to that in 2019.

The pastime has been embraced by a diverse range of people from all walks of life and nowhere is this arguably more evident than in the world of mobile gaming.

Excitement at the touch of a button

Being able to access games on smartphones and tablets has transformed the gaming world, making a number of exciting experiences available to many people at the touch of a button. Whether they are relaxing at home or sat on the train after work, their favourite games are instantly available.

Those seeking puzzle fun have been able to turn to the likes of Candy Crush, while those wanting something that requires a little more strategy can tackle titles including Supercell’s hugely popular Clash of Clans. Innovative titles like Pokemon Go have harnessed the power of augmented reality technology, while more traditional games have also come along for the ride. New online bingo operator Ted Bingo is a great example of the latter, as the site offers a range of different bingo and casino games with many being available on both its mobile site and iOS app.

But while it is clear that the world of mobile gaming is thriving, new research has provided some insight into just how successful it is expected to be this year.

A global success story

A new whitepaper created by Newzoo in collaboration with Activision Blizzard Media has revealed that the global games market is expected to generate revenues of $148.1 billion this year – and mobile is expected to contribute to just under half of that figure.

Perhaps even more incredibly, the study also estimated that in the region of 2.4 billion people across the world are set to try their hand at mobile games this year. In addition, gaming has become the third most popular app category in the world, with it actually rising up the rankings to second when only 18 to 20-year-olds are considered.

Pokemon Go

The findings make very positive reading for mobile gaming, yet it is not the first study this year to suggest that the area is on a seemingly unstoppable rise. A report by independent mobile games and growth platform AppLovin found that 75 per cent of Britons have played a mobile game, while another particularly notable finding was that 80 per cent of women have enjoyed such games despite only a quarter actually regarding themselves as gamers.

A major force

Both of these studies undoubtedly highlight how mobile is now a major force in the world of gaming. While many of us still enjoy playing games on consoles and PC, it is clear that the experiences available on smartphone and tablet are proving to be a major hit with a huge number of people.

It will be fascinating to see how the area develops across not only the rest of 2019 but also the years ahead.

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