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Five Top Tips for Playing Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

The Divsion 2

The Division 2 is out now and if you are interested in playing the game, we are going to talk about some of the tips that you should keep in mind if you are jumping back into the game or if this is your first Division game.

1. Know Which Abilities to Unlock First

There are a couple of abilities that are better than others in The Division 2. Which abilities you should get depend on your play style but if you need health then you can go for the healing drone or the hive abilities. Some of the abilities were part of the first game as well. You might remember the turret. You can only unlock a couple of abilities at the start of the game and that is why you should pick your first ones carefully.

2. Prioritize Unlocking New Safe Houses

When you get to a new region on the map you should focus on unlocking new safe houses. This will unlock new content on the map which includes new missions. Another advantage of doing this is that you can fast travel to these locations. There are no cars or bikes in The Division 2 and you have to run everywhere. Unlocking safe houses will make things much easier as you progress through the game and will make getting to places much faster and easier.

3. Upgrade Settlements

Settlements are one of the new features in The Division 2. Completing a project is a great way of getting experience and leveling up. You can also get impressive rewards. The world around you changes when you complete projects and upgrade these settlements. Completing these projects can get you blueprints that can be used to create weapons and mods etc.

4. Hold On To Gear

When you move on to higher levels, you might want to trash older gear but you will need to donate some specific items in order to complete projects. You should hold on to the different armor pieces even if you are not using them. You do have limited storage in your inventory and that can be an issue. You can add more room by using different perks and you can even save this gear in your stash.

5. Check Inventory Often

The Division 2 is a looter shooter and you will get loot every now and then. You should check your inventory frequently in order to see whether or not you have got a better weapon. If not then you might have a mod that would improve your weapon stats. This is something that you keep in mind when playing The Division 2.

Let us know what you think about The Division 2 and what your experience has been like so far.

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