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Why You Should Play Rocket League

Rocket League Cover

Rocket League is one of the most exciting games on the market that works with a very simple concept. You use rocket-powered cars to play football. We know that the idea sounds quite ridiculous. Yet, after scoring your first goal, you will simply get addicted to it.

The game mechanics of Rocket League just includes two teams trying to get a joint ball at the back of opposition’s net. The match is played in a giant football stadium with rocket-powered cars. To keep things interesting, you can drive these anywhere on the stadium including the walls and the ceiling. The players can adopt multiple ways to score the goal by using either barrel roll, double jump or just jump.

Start off the machine

The matches start by the jarring sound of the engines and a small overview of the stadium, with a timer countdown. As soon as the buzzer goes off, a giant ball is dropped in the middle of the field and players rush towards it. Just like in a real-life game, the golden rule of rocket league is that: The best defense is the offense. If you are playing with your friends, then you should have excellent communication skills since there are no designated positions. It means that anyone can go anywhere, so it is essential to have a good and clean strategy.

Points are awarded to the players on a number of factors, like ball clearance, goals, and assists. We should tell you that these points have little to no impact on the final scoreline of the game. Yet, it is quite exciting to contest for the title of MVP with your friends. As soon as you win your first game, especially with your friends. We can guarantee to you that you will fall in the bottomless pit of “Just one more game….”

Customize your vehicle

You can personally customize your rocket-powered vehicles in any way you like. You can change the smallest details of the vehicle including, the color themes, tires, body and rims. You can even customize the appearance of your whip with flags and hats. All these customizations are just for cosmetic purposes. It means that they won’t offer any “pay to win” features and would just change the appearance.

It is good since no matter how many changes you make; the playing field will be level for all players. The more you play the game, the more parts you will unlock and the more changes you can make. If you manage to get plenty of items and want to earn real money in exchange then we suggest you visit Eldorado.gg. It is an incredible platform that offers the best value for your items.

The best feature of Rocket League is that it is easy to play but difficult to master. This makes it the perfect multiplayer game. It is no surprise that the title holds over fifteen million players and continues to flourish. Owing to the mechanics of the game, it is well on its way to becoming a renowned eSports phenomenon. We welcome you to play Rocket League today and have a great time.

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