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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapon List Leaked

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapons

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the upcoming new game in the franchise and a list of weapons of the game has been leaked. The game is coming in October so the weapons should be finalized by now.

This leak comes from YouTuber ‘TheGamingRevolution‘ and you should take it with a grain of salt as none of this has been confirmed by the developer Infinity Ward or the publisher Activision.

Leaked Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapons List

If you are interested in learning about the leaked Call of Duty Modern Warfare weapons then the complete list is as follows:


  • MP7
  • MP5
  • AK74U
  • AUG (can be turned into Assault Rifle with attachments)
  • P90

Assault Rifles

  • AK47 (can be also used as an SMG)
  • FAMAS ( 3 round burst with an automatic mode)
  • LYNX (from Moder Warfare Remaster) expected to be now called HK433
  • M4A1
  • SCAR H
  • FAL (Singe fire mode with a full auto mode)
  • ASH12

Rocket Launchers

  • Javelin (from MW2)
  • RPG-7
  • Carl Gustav (lock on launcher)
  • Stinger


  • Desert Eagle
  • X16
  • 1911
  • SIG P320
  • 44 MAGNUM

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapons

Other Weapons

  • Riot Shield (with a flashlight for night time maps)
  • 2 Combat Knives


  • Dragunov
  • AS50
  • TAC50
  • 1 more unknown sniper

Marksmen Rifles

  • KAR 98
  • M14 EBR


  • Hunting Rifle (Chali 720)
  • Model 6
  • Origin 12
  • KSG 12
  • Light Machine Guns
  • MG5
  • MG34
  • L86 LSW
  • PKM (similar to the PKM from Call of Duty 4 but with a different name)

Planned Weapons or rumored DLC weapons

  • ACR (legendary gun with high accuracy from MW2 and MW3)
  • M16
  • m91 Custom
  • M13 Custom

The YouTuber mentioned that this list is 95% accurate so some changed could still be made. Other than that, if this list is indeed accurate then that means that Call of Duty Modern Warfare has more weapons than Black Ops 4. The YouTuber also mentioned that grenade launchers will return as part of the upcoming title.

An interesting piece of information that is worth mentioning here is that Infinity Ward has confirmed that players will be able to reload weapons while aiming down sights. With this upcoming title, Activision seems to be trying to go back to the roots of the franchise. Whether or not these tactics works is something that we will have to wait and see.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare and whether or not you are interested in playing the game.

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