Nintendo Switch Lite: Here Is Everything That You Need To Know

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite was rumored and leaked a couple of times but it has now been officially confirmed. The Nintendo Switch Lite is coming later this year on September 20th. If you are interested in learning more then here is everything that you need to know about the handheld.

Let’s start things off by making it clear that the Nintendo Switch Lite is pretty much the same thing as the Nintendo Switch when it comes to hardware. Some features have been removed to cut the price but do not expect it to run games at 1080p.

Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo Switch Lite

Here is what you need to know about the new handheld.

Better Battery Life

The Nintendo Switch Lite has better battery life. The difference is not huge but as you are only going to use it in handheld mode, every minute counts. While the regular Nintendo Switch has a battery life of 2.5-6.5 hours the Nintendo Switch Lite can last 3-7 hours on a single charge. This will depend on the game that you play.

If you play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the regular Switch, the battery lasts for about 3 hours. On the Lite, you will be able to play the game for around 4 hours. You still need to charge it frequently but the additional battery life is something that the fans will appreciate.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Not A 3DS Replacement

As the Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld only device you must think that it is a replacement for the 3DS. That is not the case. Nintendo confirmed that the 3DS family will be supported as long as there is demand for it.

No Dock Support

Nintendo has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Lite does not work with the dock. This means that you cannot use it with your TV. The device is aimed at handheld use only. This will be a bummer for some people but the device is also much cheaper.

Compatible With Most Games

Nintendo Switch Lite will support all the games that work in handheld mode on the regular Switch. There will be a mark on the game box to show that the game is supported. If you are interested in playing games like 1-2-Switch then you will need to buy separate joycons.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in playing such titles and you are getting separate joycons then you will also need to charging grip to charge them.

Special Edition

While you can get a regular Nintendo Switch Lite at launch, you can get a special Pokemon edition if you wait a bit longer. The Zacian and Zamazenta Edition releases on November 8th, just before the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Features Removed From The Nintendo Switch Lite

In order to keep the price $100 lower than the Nintendo Switch, the lite version does not have some features. It does not come with HD Rumble or the IR Motion Camera. This means that it will most likely not work with Labo. It is not compatible with the dock either, as mentioned before. The screen is smaller, at 5.5 inches. The Nintendo Switch has a larger 6.2-inch screen.

We heard that Nintendo could upgrade the hardware of the Nintendo Switch and that we could get a more powerful console alongside the lite model. Nintendo has not confirmed that it is working on a hardware refresh but Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser mentioned that the Nintendo Switch Lite is the only new hardware that is coming out this year.

If the Nintendo Switch is getting a refresh then it is likely going to happen next year. This means that it will release around the same time as the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Let us know what you think about the new Switch and whether or not you are interested in getting one now that the price is $100 lower.

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