Southwest Airlines Gives Out Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo Switch

Southwest Airlines has partnered with Nintendo and as part of the partnership the airline gave away a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 for free to people that were flying on the 737-700 aircraft which was traveling from Dallas to San Diego. This was a great marketing move as the flight was going to San Diego Comic-Con.

Upon landing, people were greeted by none other than Mario himself. You might think that the Nintendo Switch was given out to people so that they could play Super Mario Maker 2 on the flight. A representative of Southwest Airlines confirmed that the Nintendo Switch was given to every flier for them to keep. The game code was also provided so that fliers could download the game.

Southwest Airlines has its own Super Mario Maker 2 level and if you are interested in checking it out then you can use the code 39C-LQR-WLF to access it in the game. A recent press release was sent out explaining the promotion and partnership between Nintendo and Southwest Airlines. It mentions the following:

The partnership kicked off today for Customers on Southwest Flight 2246 from Dallas to San Diego, a city that is hosting one of the biggest comic convention weekends. Customers were surprised with a Nintendo-themed gaming flight as Nintendo representatives onboard provided them with the opportunity to play a custom air travel-themed Super Mario Maker 2 course, called the Southwest Super Sky Challenge.

I think that this is a great marketing move and a free Nintendo Switch and a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 would have been a great surprise for all the people that were on board the flight. But that is not all. Those who played the special level on the flight entered a sweepstake and one lucky winner would win another Nintendo Switch, another copy of the game and a $500 Southwest gift card.

Nintendo has refreshed the Nintendo Switch and the new model now has better battery life. The company has also announced the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Let us know what you think about Southwest Airlines giving away a free Nintendo Switch and a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 to all the fliers of the 737-700 aircraft.

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