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Batman: Arkham Knight Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers in September

Arkham Knight Cover

Time to grease up the Batmobile because Batman: Arkham Knight will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers (so will Darksiders 3, but we’ll just download it just to have it). Batman: Arkham Knight graced our lives in 2015 with an open-world Batman game that allowed us to roam the streets of Gotham City beating up bad guys along the way. Think Grand Theft Auto, except you’re dressed as a bat and not committing vehicular homicide. While it had its technical issues on release for the PC master race crowd, it still sold faster than any game in the Arkham line of Batman games.

A lot of the gadgets from the previous Arkham games are in Arkham Knight as well. We’d better hope they were. Batman doesn’t just not carry his batarang just because he’s in a new video game. The batarang is a staple of the Batman arsenal! It can be used to scan your surroundings, but we just like throwing it at bad guys. However, Batman does have a new gadget that basically makes him a catfish as he pretends to be Harley Quinn in order to trick bad guys into traps. Voice changing is such a basic tool since those microphones in the 90s made us annoying robots to our parents, so we wondered why he never used it before.

The best part of Arkham Knight is the ability to switch to one of his awesome friends like Robin or Nightwing when they’ve hit a combat-streak. The combat system in the game was nothing but an aphrodisiac as we barreled our way through bad guys using gadgets and FreeFlow combat. If you’re a Batman fan or want to finally become a Batman fan to fit in with your friends, then definitely pick this free game up if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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