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3 Things To Do While Waiting For World of Warcraft Classic to Load

WoW Classic

It’s no surprise that there’s a bit of server congestion with World of Warcraft Class right now. The whole game is basically standing in line for Disneyland right now. Once you’re finally in after hours of waiting, then you need to wait in a queue of players just to do certain quests. Of course, Blizzard isn’t exactly moving fast on getting more servers up. In fact, their response was to urge players to move to new realms even though people want to play with friends. That doesn’t seem to help anyone unless someone just doesn’t care what server they’re on. The wait time is long enough to warrant a list of three things you can do while waiting for World of Warcraft Classic’s wait time.

1. Play Something Else

Simply minimize WoW Classic and play something else. However, if your laptop is as old as the Roman Empire and screams at the thought of opening up Microsoft Word, then maybe turn on your TV and work through your backlog. We assume you’ll be able to get through the entirety of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, by the time your WoW character is logged in.

2. Go To Work

The queue time just to log in is so long that you might as well get a whole day’s work out of the way, so when you come home, you’ll only need to wait a few more hours to get in. However, once you’re in, be prepared to wait in lines to do quests. It’s like Disneyland: The Simulator, except with orcs.

3. Binge Watch The Simpsons

If you sat down and watched the Simpsons from start to finish without stopping, then it would take roughly two weeks. You could probably get through the series twice before your WoW character is logged in. Ay caramba.

Once you’re into the server you need to make the most of your game time. Let’s just hope your internet doesn’t go out. The computer store can’t exactly fix a fist through the monitor.

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