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Total War Series Heading To Troy

The next game in the long running Total War Series from Creative Assembly will be called Troy: A Total War Saga. The title was leaked on Twitter on the 18th September by an image showing the front cover of the next issue of PC Gamer featuring the games logo.

The previous game in the series; Total War: Three Kingdoms was well received by critics and fans. It took us on a journey through the dynastic wars of ancient China, a period of history that many find fascinating and mysterious.

Setting The Scene

Equally mysterious is the Trojan War. The tale of the city-state of Troy being conquered and destroyed by the vengeful Greeks is a story that’s been told for thousands of years, most recently by a Hollywood film in 2004 staring Brad Pitt. The film tried to focus on the history of the war (loosely) and left out some of the more mythical elements that were written by Homer in The Iliad, the original telling of the story written over 5,000 years ago.

The facts of what were true may be lost to history, what is known is the Greek army attacked the city and rather than forcing Troy to submit and join their Empire; the Greeks completely demolished it instead. Legend has it that the Greeks infiltrated the city by hiding in a large wooden horse that was brought in my the unsuspecting Trojans.

What We Know So Far

It’s expected that Troy: A Total War Saga will retell these events, allowing players to take control of mythical heroes such as Achilles, Hector and Paris. The leaked image also features a tagline of an “epic battle in a world of gods and monsters”, implying that the game may feature some fantasy elements not seen in the 2004 movie.

No release date has been announced as of yet, but the developers are teasing a full reveal on Twitter for today.

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