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Will Anthem Turn Around?


Anthem was absolutely destroyed by critics. Absolutely destroyed would be putting it lightly. It didn’t help that the release ended up bricking PlayStation 4s being the worst of its trash bin of issues. BioWare, the developers behind the game, even had to drop its content plans to continue trying to focus on the technical issues. The icing on the cake seemed to be the company’s lead producer, Ben Irving, leaving the company.

However now, almost a year later, BioWare announced that they’re going to put any content they had planned to the side so they can continue working on the game. This is no doubt, welcoming news, to anyone who was still around. If the fact that there were still players around for Bethesda’s wild Magikarp-like flop is any indication, then there are some hardcore players willing to stick with any game.

The plan initially was to release content in stages known as “Acts” which would bring about everything from new features to new locations. However, because BioWare was focusing so much on the technical issues, they had to put off their first act for a couple of months. However, BioWare’s live service head, Chad Robertson, recently wrote that they’re going to move away from the “Acts” in lieu of what they’re calling “seasonal updates.”

This allows the company to continue focusing on the issues that are currently plaguing the game while still giving players to still have some kind of challenge and new ways to play the existing game.

However, with the competition ramping up, such as the recent release of another loot shooter, Borderlands 3; Bioware is really going to have to take it up a notch. Fortunately, while the outrage of the internet minority seems to have quelled down, they can at least take solace in knowing they have the handful of gamers who stuck around to play the long game.

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  • LordCancer Kain

    No. What is there to turn around? We didn’t want destiny from bioware. We wanted an epic single story campaign the way only bioware used to deliver and now that is gone. We have EA to thank for that, it is a shame, but it is over.

  • GrimmyReaper

    No. Next Question.