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Ubisoft Wants To Make Ghost Recon Breakpoint Better

The latest Ghost Recon title, Breakpoint, has gotten off to a very rocky start. The game isn’t what players expected it to be, in fact it’s way less that what they expected it to be. Since the game launched there has been much complaining about the title, and very little word from Ubisoft on changes. Now however, there has been a blog post from Ubisoft that shows they want to improve Breakpoint, and make it the Ghost Recon Wildlands sequel that we all want to play.

Technical Fixes


The biggest issues with Breakpoint are undoubtedly those pesky technical issues it’s plagued with. From drones acting strangely, to the enemy AI acting as though it wants to be killed, there’s so much in the game that feels half finished. It’s this stuff that’s at the heart of what Ubisoft wants to fix in Breakpoint, and they’re working on the next update, Title Update 1.0.3, for a mid-Novemeber release date. While they haven’t specified exactly what’s going to be in this update, they have said that it’ll start to soothe our technical woes with the game, which is alright by me.

First Post-Launch Content


Prior to Breakpoint’s release, we were promised a lot of post-launch content. Ubisoft has explained that all of that is still planned in for release, and will come to us alongside the technical fixes they’re working on. First and foremost are the game’s initial raid, Project Titan, which I believe takes place inside Auroa’s volcano, and the Terminator live event. These are planned for December time, which means you have between now and then to get your Ghost up to strength before they need to destroy a futuristic war soldier.



There’s a lot of stuff that makes no sense in Breakpoint, but the economy is one of the most obvious. It’s a bit alarming how this got through development and QA testing, but Ubisoft is aware of our thoughts on the situation. They’ve assured us that they’re looking into the economy, and will be talking to us about balancing it in the future.

The issue with making changes to an in-game economy hastily is that it could cause all kinds of side effects that are completely unintended. That’s why everything needs to be tested properly, to an almost ridiculous degree, in order to ensure that players won’t break the economy as soon as the change goes live.

AI Teammates


It doesn’t sound like a lot of progress has been made on AI teammates because of all of the technical issues with Breakpoint. Ubisoft assures as that they’re coming back, it’s just going to take some more time. I appreciate that adding this feature is going to be a struggle. The team will need to create entirely new AI to work with players, and they need to be much smarter than the ones we’ve been killing around Auroa.

Deeper Immersion


This is the part of the blog post that really caught my attention. Ubisoft says that they’ve taken note of how some players wanted more reliance on the survival systems, while others don’t want the tiered loot progression. As a result they’re making a much more immersive mode for Breakpoint, something that sounds as if it’ll task players with much more in-depth survival mechanics. On top of this I could see the new mode taking a new stance on loot, requiring certain types of weapon for certain encounters.

However this new mode plays out, I’m ready for it. I love Breakpoint as it is, but I definitely think that there’s room for improvement in most areas. It will be nice to see something that increases immersion, because my favourite part of the game is that you can turn off map markers and rely on the map, and clues, in order to figure out where you need to go.

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