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Age Of Mythology News Could Be On The Way


There’s been some suspicious action over on Twitter from the official Age of Empires Twitter account. A Tweet came out yesterday that reads, “AoE II: DE is certainly in the spotlight this week, but we haven’t forgotten about all the AoM fans out there!

Of course the first part of this Tweet is talking about the launch of Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. This is the HD remastered version of the game, made for gamers to enjoy today with the graphics they thought they could see years ago. I’m really excited about the new version because I played the original with my friends, and I played it a lot. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that I got into Age of Mythology, and the Titans expansion that came after.

That’s what the next part of the Tweet refers to, Age of Mythology. Despite there already being an Age of Mythology Definitive Edition, and even some new DLC that’s added dozens of hours to the game, there’s still not as much as there is of Age of Empires. This is fine, but the Age of Mythology community could definitely do with a bit more to sink their teeth into, and given the success of Age of Empires, you’d have thought it was a no-brainer to make more content for Age of Mythology.


Well now it looks like there could be something big happening in the Age of Mythology brand. I don’t want to speculate too much because it may just be yet another new version of the game with updated visuals, or even a console port. However, I would like to put it out there that at no point in time has there been a sequel for Age of Mythology. The game has so many places it could go to and explore with the incredible blend of base management and RTS gameplay, but instead we simply have a small segment of what feels like a bigger series.

Age of Mythology was one of the best RTS titles on the market during its time, in my opinion. Next to Command and Conquer Red Alert 2, and Yuri’s Revenge, this was one of the most-engrossing games I owned. A sequel with updated visuals wouldn’t only draw me back in, it would bring a brand new generation of gamers into the Age of Empires series, even if it is in a spin-off entry. Making a sequel would firmly establish Age of Mythology as a series, not just part of the Age of Empires games, and I really do think it’s time.

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