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The Emotional Connection With Retro Games

Retro Games

The world of gaming is an emotional journey that is designed to excite, challenge and entertain. As a natural consequence, the gaming industry has dedicated a lot of efforts in innovating and creating amazing gaming experiences. From involving open-world adventures such as Horizon Zero Dawn to enticingly realistic racing games such as Dirt Rally 2.0, it’s impossible not to find a game for everyone. Even the most anxious players who worry about skillset have discovered adventures that suited their abilities, such as Beyond Two Souls, which offers a guided narrative through the game. The gaming industry is, undeniably, looking to the future with confidence and pride.

However, gamers admit they fondest gaming memories don’t relate to modern experiences but instead dive back in the clunky and awkward retro gaming world. Retro games bring an emotional memory. It was the first time they played, the first game they shared with a sibling, their first crush on a character, etc. How do you best explore your emotional connection with retro gaming?

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Proclaim your gaming passion

Did you know that Mario and Sonic are some of the most popular tattoos? The decision to get inked might seem easy, but it’s a commitment to a loving and meaningful memory. And, in a way, retro games mark the beginning of a passion. The characters of the time were unforgettable, but, more importantly, they offered a pause from the everyday routine. Therefore, it’s easy to see why many grateful players choose to tattoo their favourite character on their skin. Mario was the companion who supported them after school, during a breakup and even after a stressful day at work. Similarly, if ink art isn’t your thing, you’ll find other ways to keep the memory alive, such as looking for a personalised reg with customisable private plates, for instance. Alternatively, you can keep a low-key gaming top or pair of socks, if you prefer something with less commitment!

Dedicate an area to vintage games

Retro games are back in fashion. Did you know that you could find arcade simulators that are loaded with the 1980s and 1990s gems? All you need to do is to plug the console to the TV and let the nostalgic feel guide you through the next game. Street Fighter enthusiasts can rejoice: the game has not lost its appeal and fun! Retro games may not be better than a fully immersive experience in terms of technology and features, but they are part of our memories. As such, they have earned a place on your gaming shelves.

Design your own vintage adventure

Do you remember when you first dreamed of designing games? You may not have the skills required to create a realistic open-world game, but if you’re after a retro game feel, you can build your drag-and-drop platform. Indeed, PlataGo lets you create your levels with the option of testing on-the-go. What’s more exciting is that you can finally make your childhood dream come true and design the perfect Sonic level.

Gamers may be looking forward to a day when VR sets will be an automatic feature of every console, but their heart is still anchored in the past. Your first gaming experience is unforgettable. As such, retro games belong to popular memory. They are not just a cool trend. They are the imaginary friend of our childhood.

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