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6 More Games From The PS1 Era That Need To Make A Comeback

6 More Games From The PS1 Era That Need To Make A Comeback

More of them? Yeh, we thought of another 6 and we felt like these ones were just as deserving. So, here are 6 more games from the PS1 era that we would like to see come back in some form. Be it a remake, sequel, reboot:


While this one may be considered more of a PC game than a PS1 game, lots of players discovered it on the PS1. At least several of us did. Hexen was made by id software, the creators of Doom and was essentially a dark, medieval, first person hack and slash game. Doom with axes may be a good description. So many games from this era have made a comeback, Shadow Warrior, Wolfenstein, Prey, Doom itself. Hexan feels like the odd one out. We imagine the guys at id have discussed it, now we just need them to pull the trigger. Or swing the spiky mace in this case.


We think Driver deserves another go. The original game was ahead of its time in many ways, but things went downhill when it started trying to compete with Grand Theft Auto and letting the player get out of the car. While a Driver reboot would absolutely still need to be a crime centric game, we feel the gameplay should emulate Forza Horizon more than GTA. Make the game about the driving and the skill it involves. As soon as the player leaves the car it just becomes another GTA clone. Driver needs its own identity, or to reclaim the identity it established during the PS1 era.


We love Tenchu, utterly adore it, so it breaks our heart that there’s not been an entry since the average Tenchu 4 on the Wii or the even more average Tenchu Z on the Xbox 360. Aragami and Sekiro scratched the itch for us and we loved the worlds they created, but it wasn’t the same. Neither was Tenchu. As Sekiro started out life as a Tenchu game we’d like it if there was some crossover or call back in future games. But sadly, as Sekiro was made and Tenchu wasn’t, we feel like FROM SOFTWARE have placed the final nail in the Tenchu coffin. Prove us wrong guys.

Clock Tower

We had Shadow Tower on the last list, but that wasn’t the only scary tower on the PS1. If you’ve never heard of Clock Tower then quickly Google ‘Scissor Man’, we’ll wait.

Did you see him?! Bloody terrifying! Imagine that dude stalking you with Resident Evil 2’s Mr X mechanics. All of a sudden that sounds fun. Horrific, but fun. Clock Tower was an excellent survival horror series and we’d love to see it again. Even if it’s just for its resident bad guy.

Vagrant Story

This game is actually an unofficial part of the Final Fantasy series. Ish. The game is set in Ivalice, the world from Final Fantasy 12. It offers no tangible connection to that game but it doesn’t need to. This is an RPG with enough heart of its own. Amazingly many people have never played it, not realising its made by some of the same creative minds responsible for Final Fantasy and shares a lot of similarities with the main line entries. Now we don’t know if a sequel or a remake would be best, but this is a game we’d like to see with fresh eyes.

Silent Hill

Imagine if we had a classic series that had lost its way somewhat. Then imagine they recruited a legendary game developer alongside a seasoned horror film maker to reboot the scariest game series of all time. Then they released a ‘Playable Teaser’ of some form that demonstrated their genius and revolutionised the survival horror genre overnight.

Oh wait, we had all this and it all went to hell.

Sorry we’ll turn our journalistic impartiality back on. But yes, the story of Silent Hills, the reboot of Silent Hill ending development was an utter tragedy. Since parting ways with Mr Del Torro and Hideo Kojima, Konami have done everything in their power to kill the vision and pretend that P.T never happened. But it did.

It feels like the company have scrapped all mention of the game, and the franchise altogether purely to distance themselves from the very public fall out they had with Kojima. But it’s time to get over it. Where the next Silent Hill won’t be the vision originally planned, it can still be something special. Konami own the rights to everything and could quite easily keep the ideas they like and pass them to a new dev team, quite why they haven’t is mind boggling considering how ground-breaking P.T was. It’s strange that they haven’t done this yet had no problem releasing Metal Gear Survive.

We would very much like to return to the town of Silent Hill at some point. It’s become such an important and iconic piece of gaming culture. It would be a colossal shame if Konami never go back there just because they fell out with the guy they wanted to make one of the entries but then didn’t. We imagine Konami has something up its sleeve here and are just waiting for the right time to do so. We hope they do anyway.