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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #1 – Plants vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville Feastivus


Welcome to a festive series on PowerupGaming. Christmas Crackers can be anything, from a totally Christmas focused game, to an in-game event, DLC, or update that makes it just a little more festive. Today we’re taking a look at Feastivus, the Christmas event for Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville. The in-game event was announced yesterday alongside a snazzy new trailer, check it out below and read on for more details about Feastivus.

As you can hear, Sir. Patrick Stewart himself voiced the trailer, so it must be a good Christmas event. I really love the cadence of his voice as he talks through all the mad plant and zombie things in the game, it’s such a juxtaposition to hear a hugely famous actor like him talk about something as silly as Plants vs Zombies. Anyway, onto the content.



With Feastivus comes a host of new cosmetic items for players to earn in the game, from a frozen piranha plant, to a yeti zombie or arctic imp. For me, these are the real reason to play the game whilst Feastivus is live. I absolutely love being able to get new exclusive skins, because wearing them throughout the year becomes a bit special, showing off to opponents that you were here during this particular time, and you earned this fabled skin.

Giddy Park


Giddy Map is the new area that’s come to the game for Feastivus. This is a shared social hub where players can work together to explore and uncover secrets, which will earn them those aforementioned skins. The Feastivus Prize Map will progress as players unlock more of the rewards, which I think is a great way to not only show players how much they’ve got, but also get them working together. It’s too easy to just use other players for one purpose, and then abandon them. With Giddy Park and this map, there’s a reason to work together as a group for an extended period of time.



Oozevoir is the new map for Feastivus that can host Team Vanquish, Ops, and Mix game modes. The map’s special feature is a pink ooze that players can jump on in order to move around, dodging hits and getting their own in with ridiculous movements. A Zomboss plot revolves around the map and this ooze, but players will need to uncover it for themselves by playing through Feastivus, with more content unlocking as time goes on I should think.

Loads to do

As you could see in the trailer, there’s much more to Feastivus than just what I’ve covered above. There’s a new boss battle mode in which zombies fight a colossal tree, a reward for killing a treasure-gathering yeti, new emotes, and a plethora of other content that’s sure to be revealed as you play through the event. For me, this is the perfect kind of Christmas event, and the best part is that it’s free. Let us know in the comments if you’re enjoying Feastivus right now!

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