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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #13 – See Skywalker Rise In Battlefront 2


When it comes to Christmas, I don’t think it gets much better than Star Wars does it? I’d argue that all the movies are perfect for the time of year, because they’re epic and long, perfect for those stretches between meals when you might have to talk to your obscure aunt, and they’ve got low ratings so that even babies can watch them. This year we’re getting a new one, Star Wars Episode 9: the Rise of Skywalker, and to tie in with the movie we’re also getting some new content in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Check out the trailer for the update below, and read on for more details.

Skywalker to the Rescue

sS you can see, we’re getting a lot of new content for Star Wars Battlefront 2 with this update. So far everything but the new planet is live, which will go live on the 20th of December, but for now you can enjoy playing as BB-8 rolling around the feet of Stormtroopers and generally causing mischief. This update adds some new soldiers to the First Order’s roster, and a couple of new aliens to the Resistance’s side. You can also get those epic new hero character to play as, though I doubt I need to remind you of who they are.

Like I said at the start, Star Wars is pure Christmas joy. You can buy Star Wars Battlefront 2 for quite cheap right now, and even though there’s a Celebration Edition that packs in all the other additional content, the base game is all you really need to get you through the festive season. This update is worth playing at Christmas even more so, because it’s not every year that we get a new Star Wars movie. There’s something about the feeling of playing a Star Wars game whilst you’re excited for the new movie, or right after you’ve seen it. For me it adds to the experience, making the game even better.

As far as Christmas content goes, this really is almost perfect for me. What about you?

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