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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #11 – The Arctic Pack For Planet Zoo


Christmas is a time when we should all be thinking about others, not ourselves. I think we can stretch that, for the purposes of this article, to caring for animals too right? Well we are, and that ties in perfectly with the new Christmas content that’s hitting Planet Zoo today! A new Arctic Pack has released, bringing some festive cheer to those poor creatures you keep locked up behind knee-high walls so that people can pay you to stare at them for hours on end. Sadly we don’t have a trailer for this DLC, though plenty of Planet Zoo YouTubers have covered it with some gameplay. For now you can check out the pretty image we have below, and read on after for more details.


Festive Creatures

While the Arctic Pack is a paid DLC, costing £9.99 for the upgrade pack, or £42.99 when bundled with the game, a free update is also launching for everyone who plays Planet Zoo. Included in the pack are four new habitat animals, two new scenarios, and hundreds of new foliage and scenery options for those of you who just like placing rocks. The new animals joining the herd that are already available include the Arctic Wolf, the Polar Bear, the Reindeer, and the Dall Sheep.

The two new scenarios will task players with expanding zoos whilst also keeping the welfare of their animals as high as possible, without compromising on the experience guests have. These scenarios take place in the mountainous snowy tundra area, Aurora Sky, which was inspired by Norway, as well as the Mexican arid desert biome.


Alongside the new pack there are also a bunch of updates to the base game, including a proper ageing slider for the animals. Immediate family members have now been given their own panel, and a new heat map for inbreeding will help combat genetic destruction, as well as crime from the guests, in a new map not the inbreeding one. Frontier Developments also released a bunch of facts about the player base, which has been handily turned into an infographic that you can see below.


At PowerupGaming we’re covering as much Christmas gaming stuff as possible, whether it’s a game, in-game event, or DLC. If you like the sound of the Arctic Pack for Planet Zoo and want some more Christmas gaming in your life, check out our other articles on Generation Zero Alpine Unrest, a game about being Jesus, some Holiday Brushes in Concrete Genie, Feastivus, some Christmas pyjamas in Two Point Hospital, Apex Legends Holo-Day Bash, Winter Wonderland in Overwatch, the Dying Light crossover with Chivalry, some Holiday Scorched in Fallout 76, or Icetide in Anthem.

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