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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #5 – Holiday Scorched In Fallout 76

Bethesda is going pretty hard in Fallout 76 for Christmas this year, celebrating by bringing dangerous enemies for players to take on in order to earn some holiday gifts. This is the first proper Christmas event the game has seen having launched late last year, so it’s a big thing for the community to be getting something in 2019. Let’s dive into the details of what you can do in Fallout 76 throughout December to celebrate Christmas in the Appalachian wasteland.

Holiday Scorched


From the 12th of December, players in fallout 76 will begin hearing festive bells before being attacked by Scorched enemies wearing festive outfits. For those who don’t know, the Scorched are probably the most common enemy in Fallout 76, and are the result of a pretty nasty mutation that forms a good chunk of the game’s main storyline. These Holiday Scorched will drop Holiday Gifts when killed, but they aren’t all super powerful items. Gifts are scored from low to high quality, a rating that I’d wager is based on the strength and level of the enemy.

The rewards you can earn from killing these Holiday Scorched range from a lump of coal, which most players probably deserve, to some awesome rare recipes and plans that can be used to craft useful items to go on with in the game. A new item is also being added to the game for crafting with, Wrapping Paper. As you can imagine, this is used to craft gifts to give to other players. You’ll be able to run into Holiday Scorched from the 12th of December until the 26th of December, but that’s not all that’s coming to Fallout 76 for Christmas.



For a short period of time after the net update comes to Fallout 76, Update 16, players will be able to claim a free festive gift from the in-game store, the Atomic Shop. That gift is the Santatron Station, which can be build at a player’s CAMP. The Santatron will roam the local area around a player’s CAMP and bring back coal, candy, and toys. These Santatrons will also randomly give players Holiday Gifts while the Holiday Scorched Event is active, which is pretty damn sweet in my opinion.

Sort of Holiday Battle Royale?


The final bit of Christmas content coming to Fallout 76 this year is, well it’s not exactly festive. Basically because the Halloween loot for Fallout 76’s battle royale mode, Nuclear Winter, ended early, players are being given another chance to earn it over Christmas. The Halloween themed challenges for the game mode will be live once more from the 11th of December. However, that’s not enough for Christmas really is it? Not according to Bethesda, which is why they’re also bringing some Christmas themed challenges to the game mode, with appropriate rewards to match them as well. The Christmas challenges will be live from the 17th of December until the 5th of January, giving players a lot of time to complete them all.

For December we’re checking out Christmas games, in-game events, and DLC that you can enjoy. We’ve already covered Feastivus in Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville, a game about being Jesus himself, some Christmas Pyjamas in Two Point Hospital, and a festive brush pack for Concrete Genie. Let us know if you have something gaming related for Christmas that you think deserves coverage in the comments.

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