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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #19 – Christmas Treats In Rainbow Six Siege


Ubisoft are a great developer, mostly for the Assassin’s Creed series in my opinion. However, they also make and support other games, one of which is Rainbow Six Siege, a game that has grown to see millions of players and a massive esports scene. Now all players are being given a little reward by Ubisoft as a thank you for playing, and it’s super heartwarming.


As you can see, the official word from Ubisoft is that all players have a Holiday 2019 Pack in their Pack section when they load up the game as a little thank you. These are available to earn in the game, and there’s event a Christmas challenge for players to take part it. 10 kills with a melee or gadget will unlock the Invisible Hat Charm, 20 kills will earn the Kapkan Santa Charm, and 30 kills will earn the Nutcracker Weapon Skin.

Now this news on its own is pretty small in terms of Christmas content, so I thought it would be fun to check out some of the goodies that players have been earning and sharing online.


This is just hilarious. I would honestly wear it in every game if I could, so long as I got to play as Sledge every time.


Wamai is one of the latest Operators to be added to the game. Getting them as a reward from a free pack is incredible, since they usually cost real world money, or one heck of a lot of in-game cash.

In terms of actual Christmas content, this is all you could hope to expect from Rainbow Six Siege. The game is well known for limited time events and rewards that only appear for those events. This is a chance to earn some awesome items that will last past Christmas, and still be viable for the next few years.

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