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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #14 – The Dawning In Destiny 2

Bungie is great at producing fun in-game events for Destiny 2, and The Dawning is no exception. The event has been happening in the Destiny universe for a few years now, and it’s always been a great fun event to get free gifts and earn some new festive gear. This year is exactly the same, and should prove to be just as fun as it was last year.

Christmas Tower


The central player hub in Destiny 2 is completely redecorated for The Dawning, changing it from a sleek wall that protects humanity into a snowy winter wonderland. Quite often there are changes to how each of the NPCs look for the season, and a brand new one even joins the roster, Eva Levante. The new look of the Tower enables players to have snowball fights, but it also opens up a set of tasks to complete in order to earn some of the highest level armour in the game at this point in time.



Eva Levante brings an oven for players to use for the duration of The Dawning. This oven can be filled with ingredients, earned from playing through different activities, to produce different treats. These treats must be given to each NPC, or consumed, for a different reward. This year it seems as though players can also bake a weapon, called Cold Front. It will also be possible to earn the festive weapon from 2018’s Dawning event, Avalanche, which is still a really useful and relevant weapon one year later.



The best part of any MMO is the cosmetics, and the best cosmetics are the ones that are limited to events. I love playing Destiny 2 at this time of year in order to earn as many of these cosmetics as I can, so that I can wear them for the rest of the year to make everyone regret not earning them.

The Dawning runs until the 14th of January 2020, but that’s only just enough time to earn everything on offer. Let us know if you’re playing The Dawning this year in the comments.

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