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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #16 – The Refuge Update For Sparklite


In this article series I’ve covered a lot of Christmas gaming content, but this one might be my favourite. It’s a really simple Christmas update to a game, but because this is one of my favourite game’s of the year I felt that it needed covering, just in case you’d never played it before.

Sparklite now has snow.

When I say that this is a small update, I really mean it, though I admit there could be more. So far developers Red Blue Games have revealed that they’re adding snow to The Refuge, which is the area that players come to between runs down on Geodia. Check out the Tweet below to see a glimpse of this update.

I might be jumping the gun on this update, and if I do I apologise, but I’ll update the article with the content of the update as soon as possible. What I think is important is that we all appreciate just how festive this will make The Refuge, an area that I always associate with summer. Admittedly this area is above the clouds, so it’s meant to be sunny all of the time up there, but now there is somehow snow too.

I reckon that Red Blue Games might bring a little more to the game, especially since there are loads of areas they could change. My guess is that the snowy biomoe will be updated with snowmen, but if the developers really wanted to go all out they could add a whole new challenge area for players to test themselves in once they’ve completed the main game.

If you’re curious about Sparklite, I’ve written a sort of review for it on the site here.

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